Thursday, January 29, 2009

Model Release mania

So I took a bunch of great shots of my cousins in the Bahamas last month and I am uploading them to iStock. This has been quite a headache! First I sent the MR's to my sisters to get them signed. Then I scanned them all into my computer as Jpegs...

Now the hard part, iStock only allows one upload of a release. SO I had to figure out how to combine them in Photoshop. What I did was combine them as a contact sheet. I'm not sure if that is how everyone else does it, but that is how I got all the releases into one jpeg. (they only allow jpeg)

To do this, I followed this path File->Automate->Contact Sheet II and here is what my settings looked like for 2 (change the columns field for more):


  1. That's crazy that they only allow one .jpg -- what do people do that are on photo shoots where there's a bunch of talent? Do they all sign the same sheet?

    This contact sheet thing in Photoshop is throwing me for a loop too.

  2. No, they all fill out an individual model release and then it is up to the photographer to combine all the releases into one jpeg.

  3. Hi,

    I take a photo of my releases and stitch them :-) .....