Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Work or Shoot?

So I was leaving the garage today, heading to work on a frigid morning, when I noticed the clouds were lifting from the Flatirons. The trees and rock were all plastered with snow and looked absolutely beautiful. I had my camera in the car but had to get to work!! Now that I work in Arvada, it is not so easy to stop and shoot in Boulder on the way to work, and I miss it!

So, I decided I could run into Boulder quick, get some shots and then race to work. Maybe nobody will notice if I am late?!?

It was well worth it. I chased a coyote out of a field so I could set up my tripod, got set up and captured some good shots, I think. You can judge for yourself below. And I made it to work by nine so it wasn't too bad.


  1. Ha! You chased the coyote out of the field? I think I would've snapped a few shots of it before I scared it away.

  2. I will often do that, but I was on a tight schedule. Until I get a longer lens or camouflage clothes and a tree stand, I will never get close enough to them to get good shots. I should blog about the time I got stalked by a pack of coyotes though...