Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just Show Up

Sometimes I have trouble motivating to get out and shoot. It is especially hard to get up at sunrise in winter. This past weekend, we got a light snow on Friday night and I planned to get up and shoot at a lake near Boulder, knowing that it had been warm all week so the lake would not be frozen. In this situation, the lake will have steam coming off it at sunrise, which increases the potential for dramatic sunrise shots.

All of this worked out as predicted, the fog was rising off the lake at sunrise and there were some geese on the lake. However, my favorite shot of the morning had nothing to do with the lake. And that is the point of this post. If you JUST SHOW UP, you could get a completely unexpected shot!! If I had stayed in bed, my body's preference that morning, I would not have gotten this shot:

(can be seen larger on my website under new images)


  1. Gorgeous photo, Ben - and I love the pic of Frisco on your website.

  2. I "just showed up" at work one morning and wished I would've called in sick. But you're totally on when it comes to taking photos. In general just showing up in life presents so many opportunities that are left behind by those who don't.