Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring in Boulder

One of my favorite things about living in Boulder County is seeing all the baby cows running around the open spaces in spring. They are so cute when they are running full speed. I wonder if they know that they are only going to be runners for like 6 months?? Then they spend the rest of their lives just wandering around eating grass and mooing. I hope they aren't bitter at all the running humans in Boulder when they get older.

So I went out into an open space area full of the breeding cows this weekend to try and get some images of the calves and their mothers... I got a few good ones, see below:

There are a few more on my website, under "New Images".


  1. Man, these kinds of pictures really make you second guess yourself when you order your next hamburger.

  2. And explains why I can not bring myself to eat Veal. Especially the corporate farmed veal, where the calves never get to stand up, in order to keep the meat tender!!